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Proiectul PATRES - pe lista scurta pentru Premiul EUSEW 2014

Proiectul PATRES a fost selectionat pe lista scurta pentru premiile europene SEE(Energie Durabila) &ManagEnergy(Management Energetic) 2014,fiind unul dintre cele 30 proiecte selectionate.

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PATRES: Raportul Final Publicabil este acum disponibil pentru descarcare.

Proiectul PATRES este incheiat si Raportul Final Publicabil insumeaza experienta acumulata in proiect  si punerea sa in aplicare este acum disponibila si poate fi descarcat.


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Reţeaua internaţională PATRES EUROPA DE SUD EST a fost creată in scopul de a continua activităţile incepute şi de a menţine contactele stabilite  in cadrul proiectului PATRES.

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Conferinta finala proiect PATRES: Bucuresti, 14 Martie 2013

Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti are placerea sa va invite la conferinta finala"Politici Europene privind Energiile Regenerabile:  o schimbare pentru autoritatile locale?" ce va avea loc  pe 14 Martie 2013 in Bucuresti , in cladirea centrala ( Rectorat )a Universitatii Politehnice din Bucuresti.

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Energii regenerabile, planificare urbana si reglementari in constructii: rolul autoritatilor locale in Europa

AREA Science Park a gazduit, pe data de 20 - 21 octombrie  conferinta " Energii regenerabile, planificare urbana si reglementari in constructii: rolul autoritatilor locale in Europa".

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Join our new BUILDUP community: 'Renewable Energy Regulations for Public Administrations'

A new community has been created on the BUILDUP platform to share and discuss topics related to local authorites and the PA at large, RES and energy efficiency related issues, the drafting and implementation of relevant EU, national and local regulations for the management of energy-relevant matters.

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European Commission launches Industrial Initiative "Smart Cities and Communities"

The Smart Cities and Communities initiative has officially been launched at a conference held on 21 June 2011 in Brussels. Financed by the 7th EU Research Framework Programme, it will call for proposals addressing the deployment of integrated sustainable energy technologies in urban areas.

The 2011 call for proposals,  to be open from 19 July to 1 December 2011, will allocate €75 million to "support innovative model projects in selected European cities". 

A maximum of 10 to 12 pilot projects, focusing on building renovation, heating & cooling technologies and sustainable planning strategy, will be supported in an initial phase until the end of 2013. The projects ought to be replicable and involve teams of cities and industry players from at least three Member States.

More information:

European Commission press release:

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Brussels: proposal for a new Directive fostering energy efficiency

The Commission's latest estimations suggest that the EU will only achieve half of the Europe 2020 targets in 2020. The European Council and the European Parliament have therefore urged the Commission to adopt a new ambitious strategy on energy efficiency for determined action to tap the considerable potential.

The proposed Directive transforms certain aspects of the EEP (put forward on March 8, 2011) into binding measures to make a significant contribution to meeting the EU's 2020 energy efficiency target, and it looks beyond, seeking to set a common framework to promote energy efficiency in the Union beyond 2020.

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22-24 September 2010: 2nd project meeting in Saragozza

The second project meeting held in Zaragoza: an opportunity to assess the state of development of PATRES activities

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27 September 2010: 1st meeting of the National Advisory Group for Italy in Trieste

September 27th sees the first meeting of the PATRES National Advisory Group (NAG) in Trieste

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