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The first stage of PATRES training activities envisages the organization of a comprehensive and innovative course entitled "Drafting Effective Regulations for the Introduction of RES in Buildings".

The course, based upon a multidisciplinary approach, comprises techniques for the drafting of codes and regulations, process governance, the regulatory and juridical framework, support mechanisms and schemes for the promotion and dissemination of renewable energy sources, technical and market features of the most significant RES technologies (see a detailed training programme).

Particularly significant for participants intending to translate the acquired knowledge and skills into practical results is the workshop focussing on the actual drafting of regulations, based upon a highly experiential, hands-on approach and benefitting from wide-ranging professional support, to see classwork set in a real-life context.     

Along with the training, PATRES will make available a whole range of tools and support actions, including

 - a database of European best-practices for the implementation of RES systems;

- a collection of training materials on laws, codes and regulations;

- a guide for the drafting and updating of codes and regulations for the introduction of RES-based systems in buildings.

- networking opportunities: the first international conference held in Rijeka (Croatia) will be the opportunity to promote cooperation and the creation of international networks among course participants in the involved countries